Lena's style takes its source in real life. She uses natural light and background in her works. You are welcome to choose your session location freely. It may be your favorite park, beach, lake, children's playground, your backyard, house, etc. Please, keep in mind while choosing the place that your child should feel safe and comfortable there. We do not insist that your children should keep posing on purpose, rather Lena tries to involve them into playing and waking up their true emotions and smiles, as this helps to open up their personalities.

A single photo session may last from one to two hours depending on the mood and age of your child. If your child is not feeling well, we recommend to postpone the session (please notify us about such change 24-hour prior) until he/she feels better. A sick child would hardly enjoy and benefit from the session. Make sure that your child is well nourished before the session takes place and you have plenty of water/snacks in case he/she gets thirsty or hungry. When dressing up your child for the session, please remember that simple styles work the best especially when you want to accentuate your child's inner world. If you are not sure about the outfits you may take an extra change with you, or give Lena a call beforehand. If two or more children participate in the session, their clothing should coordinate in style and color for best results.

A selection of thirty or more photograph samples will be available to you via a private online gallery two weeks after the session. You will then have two weeks to chose your favorite images for a print order. Your printed photographs will be ready 1-2 weeks after you have placed your print order. Ordered prints are kept on file for six months. Non-ordered prints are automatically erased after 30 days. Do not stress too much about the shoot, as it should be fun for you and your children.