Yelena captures life in her honest and crisp photography. This is how she was taught to do it, by feeling and seeing. Mentored at an early age by her cinematographer father, Yelena grew up in the inspirational city of St. Petersburg, Russia. Surrounded by world-class museums and arts, Yelena followed into family steps and naturally became an artist. Always knowing that photography is her medium of choice, Yelena decided to make it her career. And since then she has been recognized by her friends, clients and peers.

As any artist has her/his favorite themes, Yelena loves to work with children. She always knows how to make kids open and comfortable, claiming that her secret is simple: she understands them. Careful attention to composition and awareness of color allows Yelena to create truly unique photographs, each capturing the beauty and personality of the subject with an elegant ease. Yelena enjoys working with natural light, both outdoors and indoors, as it is the most flattering. Beauty in simplicity and the natural is her approach to photography as well as life. Come and meet Yelena to discover her art yourself. Yelena resides in Weston, Florida with her lovely family and spoiled dachshund, and every day she tries to capture the ever-changing moments of life gently rushing down the river of time.